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Manuel Gutierrez, New Mexico
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Thank you for a memorable tour! We were going to China at first but changed our plans because of virus.
We decided to go to Russia and it became a good alternative. All of our guides were outstanding. They
were well informed, their language skills were very good and they always performed in a professional
manner. My group and I agree that Tatiana (in Moscow) and Alex (in Saint Petersburg) have
demonstrated an energetic ability to activate our group's interest to Russia. They have strong
communication skills, as well as the ability to perform their work duties decisively.
All drivers worked safely and professionally. The drivers kept their cars clean and always provided polite
service. Our personal property was always safe under their care.
Our food was excellent. I want to pay you a compliment for Russian cuisine. I will recommend borscht and
pancakes to my friends. My uncle says often: “we always put our best dishes on the table when guests
come” - the same with your travel company. Thank you for your generosity!

Joseph W., Costa Rica
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We took the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. I was very happy that our guide helped us navigate the
station, because it was very unfamiliar.
Our guide Maria was the best guide in Moscow. She was very well informed about Russian history.
Moscow was a beautiful city. Red Square was beautiful and picturesque. It was fun and relaxing to walk
around the square. The garden around it was also beautiful and serene. We were lucky to have good
autumn weather.
Our route consisted of Russian culture, art, architecture, visual arts, theater, Russian cuisine and Russian
history, both ancient and modern. We always had a lot of time, and we were never in a hurry. That is why
I prefer small group excursions.
Drivers distributed water throughout the day. Lack of water has never been a problem in our group.
One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the home of a local family and eating homemade food. Oh,
my God, it was so great! Everyone ate greedily, and she continued to bring hot dishes. Thanks Russian
Tour for such unforgettable trip!

Chaewon, South Korea
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Our family of four has just returned from an eight-day private tour of Russia with the Russian Tour guide. We arrived
in Moscow and were met at the airport by our guide and our driver. We are intrepid travelers, but Russia was a
country we were afraid to visit on our own.
We are so happy to have taken advantage of this company. We had a great time! Russian Tour was able to build a
route for our family that we could go and see a lot of Russia. We have two children, aged 11 and 14 and they
enjoyed Russia too.
The hotels we stayed in in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ekaterinburg were quite comfortable and had good
breakfasts - there was something for everyone in our family.
I'm writing this review to thank all our three guides. We learned so much from them.

Adrien Lee, Malaisia
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First, I would like to thank you for your help in organizing our trip. We were very impressed with your
efficiency and the speed of your response to all of our queries. We were happy to meet you in Moscow
and have the opportunity to say thank you.
We were worried before the trip like many other travelers. And we did not want to send money to a
company we didn't know much about. We had never traveled to Russia before. And we were concerned
about a route that might not meet our expectations. However, our vacation was fabulous!
I can honestly say that we did things that we would never have done if we travel ourselves. The guides
gave us so much useful information and a real understanding of Russian culture in addition to visiting the
main attractions. All of them were passionate about their work and, of course, did everything possible to
improve our experience. The guides did provide everyone with feedback forms and were careful to respect
our privacy and the confidentiality of our responses.