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About us

Oksana Babaeva

Oksana Babaeva

HR Director

Alex Sikdar

Alexey Sikdar

Head of Booking Department

Dasha Tatarskaya

Dasha Tatarskaya

Manager of Japan

Basheer Hasan

Haidar Basher 

Manager of Arab countries

Travel Agency “Russian Tour” is on of the projects of the Investment Fund RCFSI, the active investment activity of which created the prerequisites and the need to build its own service center for receiving and servicing partners, which further formed a company in the travel industry.

Voucher of The Tour Operator

РТО 018919



“RUSSIAN TOUR” LLC Company was registered on March 06, 2017, carries out tour operator and travel agency activities. The company is included in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators  by order No. 227—17 May 02, 2017. The certificate No. 102590.

“RUSSIAN TOUR” LLC Company hereby  informs  that in its economic activities it does not have any economic and political relations directly or indirectly related with the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and with the Sevastopol city as well. “RUSSIAN TOUR” LLC Company adheres to political neutrality and does not participate directly or indirectly in its general economic activities in any political events in the world.