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Russian sauna

We invite you to visit the Russian sauna! If you were in Russia and did not go to the sauna – you just missed the chance to get an idea of the centuries-old bath tradition of the Russian people. In addition, the Russian sauna is a very useful procedure for health.

We invite you to Kalitniki (Kalitnikovskaya Bathhouse). It is a modern bath complex including men’s room, top men’s room, women’s room, VIP room and a café. Russian and Turkish steam rooms and massage services are always at your service. A new procedure – “Contrast steaming with ice” is available now. This means steaming with brooms and rubbing the body with ice. This procedure strengthens the vascular grid, improves capillary circulation, elasticity and firmness of the skin.

In the café you will be treated to herbal tea with traditional Russian products: mint, thyme, hibiscus and served with tea jam, bagels and honey. You can also order green tea: the menu has sencha, oolong, jasmine tea and others. If you are hungry, you will be served with a hot dish or soup, or you can have some cold and hot snacks.

If you want to get an advice or order a visit, please contact our administrators by hotline: +7 495 357 03 73 or by E-mail: info@russian-tour.com