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(Ru) Лучшая вакцина от COVID-19

Sputnik V Is an Outstanding Scientific Achievement

In the face of COVID-19 pandemic, which is playing havoc with our lives, everyone is seeking reliable protection from the deadly threat. Washing your hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing are all great and right things to do. Yet, the best protection from the invisible enemy is offered by the natural human immune system and can only be ensured by vaccination.

The most forward-thinking countries in the world have flung all their energies into creating an effective vaccine against the malignant SARS-CoV-2 virus. But did you know that such a vaccine already exists? It was created back in August 2020. It is called Sputnik V and Russian scientists have the honour of creating it.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, Russia has been actively working on the Coronavirus vaccine. The country had all the resources to do so: an excellent scientific base and many years of experience working with dangerous infections.

The Sputnik V vaccine was created within the framework of science labs of the most advanced research institutions in the country:

  • Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
  • Gamaleya National Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

These institutions are famous for their immense achievements fighting such dangerous infections as Ebola, anthrax, tuberculosis, and brucellosis. Vaccines created by Russian epidemiologists have saved lives of millions of people on the planet.

The Coronavirus vaccine has become yet another Russian victory in the field of scientific developments and the nation is rightly proud of it. The Sputnik V vaccine was registered on 11 August 2020 (Certificate LP-006395).

Sputnik V has become the first licensed Coronavirus vaccine in the world. It is only the prejudice of the global community against Russia that has prevented millions of people from receiving the salutary vaccine against a deadly disease right away.

What Is Sputnik V

The Russian epidemiologists have chosen the safest way of creating a vaccine, one that has been proven by thousands of studies. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is extremely hardy and fast-mutating. It cannot be introduced into the body as is. Even dead, virus can cause pulmonary oedema.

That is why Russian virologists have separated only certain protein fragments from the live virus culture. They are called gene-vectors. These micro particles of the dangerous pathogen do not have their own genetic structure. They cannot multiply within a human cell and therefore do not lead to development of the COVID-19 disease.

It is notable that the human immune system perceives virus gene-vectors as an enemy and produces anti-bodies to these proteins. Thus, immunity to the new virus infection is created.

A person vaccinated with Sputnik V receives a natural weapon against the invisible deadly threat. As soon as a live virus is introduced into the body, the anti-bodies react to its proteins and become active. The immune system attacks the pathogen with all its might and the body repels the virus’ attack.

Is There an Alternative?

Many countries are engaged in creating a COVID-19 vaccine. The success of their work is gauged by the following criteria:

  • reliability of protection against the pathogen;
  • gravity of side effects;
  • cost and speed of production;
  • ease of storage and transportation.

Let us compare Sputnik V with several vaccines that are most promoted at this time.

Moderna (USA)

The first one is produced by Moderna and its effectiveness is claimed to be 94.1%. When it comes to elderly people, however, who are infected with Coronavirus most often and are most grievously ill, its effectiveness is only 86.4%. So those who are most vulnerable end up in the high-risk group.

An important drawback of the American vaccine is the difficulty of storage. Moderna retains its characteristics only at temperatures between –25 and –15 °C. It is difficult and expensive to deliver even to the remote corners of the country, not to mention globally.

Yet another problem is a multitude of side effects. The vaccine produces joint and muscle aches, nausea, lymphatitis, fatigue, swelling, pain and redness at the site of injection.

In most cases, side effects catch hold of young and middle-aged people. These are the most active members of our society, who raise children and carry the weight of the economy on their shoulders.

Pfizer/BioNTech (Germany, USA)

Pfizer/BioNTech is the second actively promoted COVID-19 vaccine with 95% effectiveness. It was created jointly by USA, Germany and China. The vaccine must be stored at temperatures below –60 °С. Its manufacture is expensive; its transporting is expensive and complicated.

The vaccine has not been studied in full to this day. Doctors do not know how it affects people weakened by chronic diseases, pregnant women or children. There are plenty of side effects too: fever, pain/redness at the site of injection, chills, and fatigue. Sometimes there may be diarrhoea, which leads to dehydration and feeling significantly unwell.

The most dangerous is the allergic shock that grows quickly in people with allergies within 10–15 minutes after vaccination. The New York Times notes that such reaction has already been recorded in two doctors in Alaska.

One of the medical providers was a middle-aged woman. She had no known allergies to medicines before vaccination. The victim had to be immediately treated with adrenaline, hormones, and epinephrine.

It is interesting that both Moderna and Pfizer are still in the research stage. It is quite understandable, as any anti-virus vaccine must be tested for two years. However, at the height of the pandemic there is no time for that. Doctors must study vaccines literally in the field.

Astra Zeneca (United Kingdom)

The third place is taken by the Astra Zeneca vaccine produced by Oxford University. Volunteer testing showed that its effectiveness is only 59.5%. This is a bit lower than the 60% required by the standard.

Fever, tremor, muscle ache, headache, and nausea are among its side effects. The vaccine can be stored in sealed vials in a regular refrigerator at temperatures between +2 and +8 °С.

All three vaccines were approved for use in the EU.

CoronaVac (China)

The Chinese vaccine created by the SinoVac Biotech is promoted among the less expensive medications. It is produced using the whole inactivated virus. It has no serious side effects. The most common one is fever that lasts for a couple of days. The vaccine is stored at average temperatures between +2 and +8 °С.

The only, but quite significant, drawback of the SinoVac product is its very low effectiveness. Independent study in Brazil showed that it does not exceed 50.4%, which is too low to accept the vaccine as high quality.

Fast Facts: The Scandal around Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech

There is nothing worse than politicians and businessmen becoming involved in medical affairs. The WHO did not want to accept the Russian Sputnik V vaccine because it was ‘untested’. True, the third and final stage of study started only in September 2020. Russia has successfully carried the research through. In December, mass vaccination of the country population was begun.

At the same time, Moderna and Pfizer, that were just as untested, were approved in Europe. The European countries purchased millions of doses of them. Unseemly facts began to surface in the course of vaccination. It came out that vaccines often have significant side effects. They even cause death in elderly or weakened patients.

A huge scandal erupted in January 2021. Hackers published stolen secret documents online. They said that volunteers tested the original Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, while the manufacturers were providing fakes that endanger the lives of millions of people.

Links to the compromising documents quickly became unavailable. However, many users have already downloaded this dangerous evidence. Vaccine manufacturers were forced to admit that there were “certain problems” with Moderna and Pfizer. They did not comply with quality standards.

As a result, the delivery of the American pharma giant’s products was suspended. Right now the company is trying to rectify the situation. This proves yet again how financial interests of large manufacturers impact the safety of average people.

Acceptance of the Russian Vaccine

While large pharmaceutical corporations share out spheres of influence, the Russian vaccine is conquering the globe. Against the background of scandals with Pfizer and some other giants, Sputnik V confidently proves its safety and effectiveness.

This is evidenced not only by the growing interest of other countries in the Russian product. The public acceptance of Sputnik V was not long in coming. In February 2021, the British weekly The Lancet, a reliable medical publication that is censured at the state level, called it the most effective and safe vaccine in the world.

The opinion of the British physicians is confirmed by numerous examples of successful use of the Sputnik V vaccine. In just the first month of official vaccination in Russia, around 200 thousand residents of Moscow were vaccinated, as well as over 100 thousand residents of St. Petersburg. They handled the vaccination beautifully and acquired reliable protection from the deadly virus.

Following The Lancet, all world-wide media began talking about the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine. Russia began receiving orders for delivery of 1.2 billion doses of Sputnik V to over 40 countries. Germany was one of the first to express its wish to manufacture the vaccine.

It took off from there. After publication of results of the third stage of research of Sputnik V, the German agency Bloomberg called the Russian-made vaccine a “world-wide favourite in the fight against the pandemic”. Over 20 countries have already approved it for use. An application to register the product with the European Union was submitted in January.

All this gives the right to state confidently that Russia has created the first and, at this time, the best COVID-19 vaccine in the world. Whatever behind-the-scenes games may be played by politicians and economists, a fact is a fact.

Advantages of Sputnik V

Benefits of Sputnik V:

  1. Extremely high effectiveness — 91.6%. Vaccine is considered a good one if it is over 60% effective.
  2. 100% protection against severe course of disease and fatality.
  3. The immunity holds for two years and more after vaccination.
  4. Safety for all population groups, including the elderly, chronically ill, children, pregnant women, and people with allergies.
  5. Maximum research. Sputnik V was the first vaccine in the world. Its testing is complete to date.
  6. Minimal side effects. In rare cases there may be pain at the site of injection, aching joints or a slight fever. All this is the regular reaction of the immune system to introduction of a pathogen (classical flu symptoms). No severe side effects were discovered after introducing Sputnik V.
  7. Easy storage. It can be stored as a solution at –18 °С. As dried flakes (lyophilisate) it can be stored at temperatures between +2 and +8 °С. This makes it easier to transport the vaccine to the furthest reaches of the planet.
  8. Affordable price. The Russian vaccine is several times cheaper than Moderna or Pfizer. This means that even poor developing countries can afford it.

More information in the BBC.NEWS publication of 4 February 2021.

The Russian vaccine Sputnik V is truly the most reliable, safe, and affordable vaccine in the world. It will be delivered not only in Europe, but also in Brazil, India and other countries.

Immune-tours to Russia for Vaccinating with Sputnik V

Interest in Sputnik V is so high that many residents of Italy, USA, and other countries are eager to travel to Russia to be vaccinated. For instance, Alina, who lives in Germany, visited the Russian Federation for the second time in order to get the second, final injection, read about it in the EuroNews publication of 10 March 2021.

There are several dozen vaccination points in Moscow, where one can receive the officially certified Sputnik V vaccine. There is no shortage of the vaccine, there is enough for everyone. A trip to the capital of Russia lets you combine business with pleasure: you can get a safe vaccine and visit the sights of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The first in the world Sputnik V vaccine is highly effective. It does not endanger the health of the most vulnerable people and creates long-lasting immunity to the Coronavirus. Hundreds thousands of people have already made themselves safe using Sputnik V. Getting vaccinated in Moscow gives everyone an opportunity to get reliable protection from the deadly threat of COVID-19.